Moving? Four Tips for What NOT to Do!

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Moving is stressful enough without everyone telling you how best to go through the process. There is planning, researching, packing and even more packing involved! With all of the chaos going on, it is important to keep sight of the end result and to keep a level head. We have debunked four moving myths that could derail you!shutterstock_5474445821. Use free moving boxes. With all of the expenses that come with moving, free boxes sounds like a great idea right? Wrong! Instead of heading to the grocery store to pick up discarded boxes, it really is best to pay the small fee for uniform boxes. It will save you future headaches! The best boxes have designated top and bottom flaps so they can be taped, handle cutouts on the sides for easier carrying and should be more or less square. Stacking boxes inside the moving van will be simpler than having to create a puzzle from mismatched containers.

2. A permanent marker is a permanent marker. Nope wrong again! Sure a black permanent marker may be right at your finger tips but will that make it easier to sort boxes and unpack? Color coding will make your move smooth and straightforward! Similar colored boxes go together and you won’t need to be there to direct the movers. It’s also helpful to write what is inside the box and an arrow for which way should be facing up. Pro tip: if you have delicate or fragile item in the box, write it down on at least two sides of the box.

3. Waiting until moving day to pack last minute items is ok. It may seem like this is a good idea but will cause stress on moving day that you do not need. Those last minute items like toiletries, clothes and personal items should be packed up in a suitcase. You can treat this time like you are going to a hotel for three to four days. In the end you’ll save the money as the movers won’t need to wait while you pack up last minute items, and you’ll have your essentials on hand in those first couple days in your new home. Everything will be in one place, and you can effortlessly zip up and go!

4. Friday is the best day to move. You would think having the entire weekend to unpack would make sense. Regarding timing, yes it makes sense. In reference to price? Not so much. Everyone wants to move on Friday which is why movers typically increase the price by 20-30% on weekends and the beginning and end of the month. During peak times not only is your wallet affected but that means that moving crews are stretched thin, and you may receive less experienced movers. Make sure to book movers three-to-four weeks in advance to lock in the day and time that you prefer.

Moving is a stressful event, but it can be better! Being aware of these moving myths can turn stress into bliss for your big day! #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestTips #Moving

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